Microsoft Monetize - Moat video viewability measurement

You can improve video viewability analytics by linking a hosted video creative to Moat's viewability measurement and reporting (also known as Moat Attention Metrics). To do so, you must link your account with Moat and opt in via Microsoft Monetize UI. Through this integration, if you are an existing Moat client, you can measure Moat's attention metrics for your video creatives. If you are not a Moat client, you can still activate Moat measurement. However, you will need to reach out to Moat in order to view their measurement data. To know more about Moat measurement, you can visit this link.


  • As of now Moat integration is only available on desktop and mobile supply types.
  • To link your Microsoft Advertising account with your Moat account you must contact a Moat representative. They may request your Microsoft Advertising member ID or seat ID.

This guide explains the process of enabling Moat Attention Metrics for your video creative.

For a new video creative

Integration with Moat's reporting is a seamless step in the process of uploading a new creative. Follow the below steps to do the needful:

  • Select your Advertiser and go to Creative Manager screen.

  • Click on New drop-down and select Video from the list to create a new video creative.

  • In Video Creative: Create New screen, you can

    • either upload a video file under Hosted File section. You can upload the video file by dragging it onto the area labeled Drop File Here To Upload or clicking the Select File button and browsing through your files. For more information about the steps involved in this setup, check out Upload a Hosted Video Creative.
    • or enter the link for a video under Third-Party URL section and click Continue.
  • Once the file is uploaded, you will find the Moat Attention Metrics checkbox under Verification section of Pixels (optional) panel. Check the Moat Attention Metrics checkbox to include metrics about this creative in your Moat dashboard.


    You will find Microsoft Advertising - Viewability checkbox is disabled, because Microsoft Advertising video viewability measurement runs automatically.

  • After this initial setup, all data associated with your Microsoft Advertising creatives will automatically flow into your Moat account.


    The data collected may take up to 24 hours to populate your Moat dashboard.

For an existing video creative

Existing hosted video creatives can also be linked to Moat Attention Metrics. Find the Moat Attention Metrics checkbox by navigating to the Creative Manager, select your creative and click on the Full Edit button. The checkbox is under Verification section of Pixels (optional) panel. Check the box to include metrics about this creative in your Moat dashboard.

Post setup

After you launch your creative, get in touch with Moat representative to setup a new tile within the Moat reporting interface. Once you've completed this one time setup, your tile will capture and display Moat metrics for all of the Microsoft Advertising creatives you setup with Moat's tracking enabled.

At any point of time in future, if you want to disable Moat metrics, follow the steps mentioned in For an existing video creative section above and uncheck the Moat Attention Metrics checkbox for the creative.