Move a placement to a different placement group

A placement is an open slot on a publisher website where an advertiser creative with matching specifications can serve. Placement groups provide a way for you to organize and manage placements apply default inventory categorization and self-auditing criteria to child placements. This page explains how to move a placement to a new placement group.

1. Get started

Publisher-only clients: Select Placements from the Inventory menu in the main navigation menu, then select the publisher you want to work with from the Select a Publisher dialog.

All other clients: Go to Publishers > Placement Manager. This takes you to the Placement Manager screen, which shows both the Placement Group List and the Placement List under each placement group for the publisher.

2. Move the desired placements to a different placement group

Check the checkbox for the placement under which you want to move to another new placement group, then click More Actions > Move. This will open the Select a destination placement group dialog. Click Select to complete the action. If you want to move more than one placement to the same group, you can move them all at once by checking multiple boxes.

3. Review the placement list

In the Placement Group List, click the placement group under which you moved the placement. You should see the placements you moved show up in the Placement List for that placement group.