Microsoft Monetize - Video inventory recommendations

To help traders discover new video inventory and maximize scale and performance, Monetize provides detailed recommendations at the line item level. These recommendations identify performant seller/domain combinations and can be found under the Video Inventory Recommendations section (under the Analytics tab) of each video ALI. You can download your recommendations to a CSV file, or use them to efficiently create new allowlists for targeting.


This feature is in Open Beta. It is still under development and may be subject to change without notice.

Video inventory recommendations are based on:

  • Brand category-level data that predicts video completion rate. Brand categories are high-level content categories such as Apparel or Financial.
  • The brand safety targeting, device type targeting, and country targeting specified on your line item.
  • Inventory with at least 10,000 available 7-day video slots across your targeted inventory.


Recommendations are only available for mid-flight line items: you'll start to see recommendation data the day after spending occurs.

The same domain might be available through multiple sellers, resulting in more than one recommendation for the site. To ensure recommendations are new and relevant, Microsoft Advertising filters out any inventory that is already part of an allowlist or blocklist, or that your ads have already served on for this line item.

Recommendations include the following information for each recommended domain/seller combination:

  • 7-day video avails based on the line item's current targeting settings
  • 30-day platform-wide CPCV, CPM, VCR and IAB viewability rate

Recommendations are refreshed daily.