Anatomy of the availability lookup page

On the Availability Lookup page on the Availability tab, you can search for available inventory using a variety of criteria, including attributes from existing products, attributes from a product group, and custom defined attributes. You can also open saved lookups, save new lookups, and create batches to search for inventory across products and run the lookup in the background.

About the availability lookup interface

The Availability Lookup page is comprised of the following four panels:

  • Configuration – This panel, on the top left side of the page, is where you select the high-level settings for your lookup. This includes the time period and how you want results grouped.

  • Lookup Criteria – This panel, on the bottom left side of the page, is where you select the products, product groups, and/or attributes for your lookup.

  • Lookup Request – This panel is populated with the product(s) and attribute(s) you select in the Lookup Criteria panel. You can look up available inventory using a search for products that match all of a set of specified attributes and/or any of a set of specified attributes.

  • Availability Report – This panel shows a list of the available inventory that meets your lookup criteria. For each product with available impressions, the list provides the product name, product ID, rate card CPM, ad targeting, total impressions, and total capacity. From this panel, you can access full product details for existing inventory. For available impressions that match your lookup but for which a product doesn't yet exist, you can create a new product. You can also export your lookup into an Excel spreadsheet (XLS) or comma-separated values (CSV) file.