Working with channel metrics

The Channels tab provides high-level metrics for integrated Supply-Side Platform (SSPs) along with adserver data. It is a useful tool to contrast guaranteed verses pre-emptible volumes and pricing, in addition to comparing multiple SSP's effectiveness.

Since the Channels tab is powered by the reporting tab, custom reports can be built within Yield Analytics using data captured from the SSP. In reports, information can be bucketed into four types of channels:

Channel Type Definition Data Source
SSP (Xandr, AdX, etc.) Any order line that is associated with a given SSP will be included in that SSP's channel. SSP
Direct Sales Any guaranteed, non-SSP, in-network order line. Ad Server
N/A Any pre-emptible, non-SSP, in-network or out-of-network order line. Channel-specific metrics not provided.
Non-Analyzed Any guaranteed, non-SSP, out-of-network order line. Ad Server
(Contracted values are distributed in a straight-line fashion. Values are not affected by out-of-network data).

Channel metric definitions

Channel Metric Definition
Channel Consumed Impressions The number of impressions that were filled or consumed by the channel. In the case of secondary channels, these are the impressions filled by the channel.
Channel Received Impressions The number of impressions that the channel received as recorded by the channel. In the case of the Direct Sales channel, the Channel Received Impressions will equal Capacity Impressions.
Channel Earned Revenue The total revenue earned by the channel.
Channel eCPM - The computed eCPM for the channel.
- Formula: Channel Earned Revenue / (Channel Consumed Impressions/1000)
Channel rCPM - Channel "real" CPM. This is a measure of how well a channel is monetizing the opportunity that it is presented with. It is useful for comparing the value brought by various partners. rCPM uses the "Channel Received Impressions" instead of Channel Consumed Impressions when determining value.

- Formula: Channel Earned Revenue / (Channel Received Impressions/1000)
Channel Fill % - A measure of the utilization rate of the channel. In the case of the Direct Sales Channel, the Channel Fill % will equal the Sell Through %. This is calculated based on the consumed impressions associated to the Direct channel.

- Formula: Channel Consumed Impressions/Channel Received Impressions * 100
Channel Advertiser - Guaranteed, Non-SSP Order Lines – Populates from the order line in ad server
- Preemptible, SSP Order Lines – Populates from SSP
- Preemptible, Non-SSP Order Lines – Shows as “N/A”
Channel Received Impressions Impressions that are received by the SSP, as recorded by the SSP. In the case of the Direct Sales Channel, the Channel Received Impressions will equal Capacity Impressions. This is only available in product and targeting reports.

SSP specific dimensions

Xandr Dimension Definition
Buyer Member (Xandr) The Xandr Buyer Member
Placement ID (Xandr) The Xandr Placement
Publisher ID (Xandr) The Xandr Publisher
Site ID (Xandr) The Xandr Site
Google AdX Dimension Definition
AdUnit ID (AdX) The AdX Ad Unit
PubMatic Dimension Definition
Ad Tag ID (PubMatic) The ad tag ID from PubMatic.
Demand Source (PubMatic) The demand partner name field from PubMatic (typically, this is always null).
Demand Type (PubMatic) The demand type field from PubMatic. This is not yet available in the PubMatic API, so it will always be null at this point in time.
Network (PubMatic) The Network name field from PubMatic.
Site (PubMatic) The site name field from PubMatic.
Rubicon Dimension Definition
Site (Rubicon) The site field from Rubicon.
Zone (Rubicon) The zone field from Rubicon.
Size (Rubicon) The size field from Rubicon.
Tag ID (Rubicon) The tag ID field from Rubicon.

Channel Management