Yield Analytics 7.13

Channel management announcement

Channel Management is currently based on order lines. With the addition of Pre-Bid, we are now basing it on explicit product mappings. The following changes must be made:

  • Product overlaps were applied based on overlaps that exist elsewhere in the system. Thus, they are less accurate than desired.
  • With the explicit product mappings we can ensure that the reports are returning data to meet your specific needs.
  • Order line based reporting will be deprecated. (This is why you see duplicate metrics at the moment. One is an order line metric, and the other is a product metric).


Frequency Caps in Real Time Reservation - Real Time Reservations now support Frequency Capping, and return proper forecast results - based on this constraint.


Direct target attribute attibute ! in  is not functioning.

Detect if the user's session has changed -  If you have pages open in other tabs and get logged-out, you will see a message that says: “The current page has expired and was reloaded”.