Yield Analytics 7.16

Product permission enhancements

  • When selecting Parent Products to a User Group on the Permissions page, you have the ability to view current associated overlaps. This is helpful when considering a Permission Product. Click on View Overlaps.

  • Availability Lookup has additional analysis and result information when deducing Child/Twin Product relationships for Dynamic Availability Lookups. The (i) icon provides information for these cases:

    • Where there is no Capacity (0) and Availability (0), values are visible in the row.
    • Where the Dynamic Lookup expresses an Overlap Type which is not a Twin, Self or Child, information on the Overlaps analyzed is provided.

    Screenshot of Permissions page.

  • There are two overrides provided, which will enable the visibility of Availability Lookup information and Product Creation regardless of the Availability Lookup outcome. Talk to your Account Manager about configuring.

    • A View override will display Availability Lookup Result data regardless of the Product Permission.
    • An Edit override will allow Product Creation on Availability Lookup, Product Creation, and Product Edit.

    Screenshot of Availability Lookup Result data.