Yield Analytics 7.6


Duration Based Metrics -  For clients with Duration Based Metrics for video, we have introduced two new metrics to enable you to see earnings metrics at the proper duration.  Now you can perform reporting tasks all within a duration, so it will be best practice to now either report on duration, or impression metrics and keep it consistent throughout your report.

Earned Revenue for Viewable - When using earned revenue for a viewable line item, your earned revenue will adjust it's calculation to viewable impressions*vCPM/1000.

Additional Product Search functionality - There is now a second search area within Product Search, where you can add an 'and' argument to your your search. You can also use a , within the search box to search multiple variables.


Consumption to Schedule - When a goal is used on a sponsorship line item we will now calculate the consumption to schedule.

Removed Row Limits - We have removed the row limits to reports in the Reporting Tab.  On export please be aware of the XLSX restrictions.