Bring new Yammer to your organization

Global admins and verified network admins can now control participation in new Yammer for your organization. Please note that only one of these settings can be selected at a time. You can go back and forth between these options, but we strongly recommend understanding what selecting and unselecting each setting entails before making that choice.

Administrative Opt-In Settings for New Yammer

Enable the new Yammer as default

This option is the default setting for your organization. This option ensures users in your organization are able to see the New Yammer toggle to opt into new Yammer from the classic Yammer experience, and users who have never tried the new experience would automatically be switched to new Yammer.

New Yammer Opt-in Toggle.

Users can choose to opt-out of this new experience and go back to classic Yammer at any point.

  • This would not impact those users who have tried new Yammer before and made the explicit choice to opt out of it. These users would continue to stay in the classic Yammer experience.
  • Users who have already opted in through the opt-in toggle are not impacted. These users would stay in the new experience but can opt out at any time through the opt-out toggle.
  • If your organization is completely new to Yammer, and you want all your users to directly move to the new Yammer experience, the Enable the New Yammer as default setting is the one we recommend.

Enable the new Yammer for all users with no opt-out option

Selecting this option would ensure users in your organization are in the new Yammer experience and do not see the toggle-out option. This is an accelerated setting to get all users in your organization using new Yammer.

Enable the new Yammer for all users with opt-out option only for Admins

Selecting this option would ensure users in your organization are in the new Yammer expeirence and do not see the toggle-out option. However, admins will still see the toggle, which provides the ability to return to the classic Yammer experience if they need to validate user feedback or access features only available in classic Yammer.


Please note that users can access the new experience through a direct link. If your organization wants to remove all access to the new Yammer you will need to contact Microsoft support. If you remove all access, then users from all networks in a 1:M (1-to-many) scenario will no longer be able to access the new Yammer features.


Q: Why can I not select the Stay in Classic Yammer option anymore?

A: We have removed the option to stay only in classic Yammer as we continue to enhance the new Yammer experience.

Q: Which networks get the opt-in toggle?

A: In some situations, multiple Yammer networks are connected to a single Office 365 tenant. This is called a 1 tenant: many networks (1:M) configuration. All networks attached to the tenant can get the toggle, but each will need to be enabled independently. We recommend that administrators consolidate down to a single network.

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