Produce Yammer live events from your device [available now]


To continue supporting our customers' needs, we will extend temporary limit increases for live events through June 30, 2023, including:

  • Event support for up to 20,000 attendees
  • 50 events can be hosted simultaneously across a tenant
  • Event duration of 16 hours per broadcast

Additionally, live events for up to 100,000 attendees can be requested through the Microsoft 365 live events assistance program. The team will assess each request and work with you to determine options that may be available. Learn more.

What is new about Yammer live events?

Live events produced using Teams can now be scheduled and viewed in Yammer! This is one of the largest customer asks we have and we're excited to release this new functionality.


  • Schedule live events directly within Yammer (takes less than 30 seconds end-to-end).
  • Attendees can view a Teams produced event in Yammer (for all events scheduled from Yammer).
  • Use Teams to produce your live event—without an external app or device!
  • Get access to all the analytics available from Microsoft Stream.
  • Question and Answer + regular Yammer events feed is available.
  • All events are stored in Stream (and are searchable there, like any other live event).

For the full list of features, see Overview of live events.


How can I use Teams to produce an event in Yammer?

  1. Schedule the event.

  2. Share the event from Yammer.

    Screenshot showing shareing the event.

  3. When it's time to go live, produce/present from Teams as usual.

    screenshot showing producing a Yammer live event. screnshot showing joining a Yammer live event. screenshot showing previewing a live event.

  4. See the event LIVE in Yammer! All attendees can view this event directly from Yammer.

    Screenshot showing viewing a live event in Yammer.

What is the difference between this feature and what is available in GA today?

The main benefit of this feature is that all attendees can view a Teams-produced event in Yammer. We've worked with Teams and Stream to make this available for our Yammer customers. Now, event organizers can schedule their event in Yammer, produce it using Teams, but view it in Yammer.

A few things to note:

  • Just like any live event: only admins in connected communities can create an event.

  • With this flow, the event is still produced in Teams (producers/presenters must use Teams to produce/present).

  • Analytics are available in Stream (rather than Teams).

  • The event will not automatically be added to a producers/presenters' calendar at this time (under active investigation).

Who can use this feature?

Only Yammer admins in connected communities.

What kind of analytics do I get with this feature?

You get access to all the advanced analytics available via Stream.

Screenshot showing live event analytics.

Event producers can see the total number of watchers when the event is live. When the event is completed, the producer can see the total number of views across the lifetime of the video subject to the view count algorithm.

Do I need a Stream and Teams license to use this feature?

Yes, both are required.

Yammer has partnered with both Teams and Stream to provide the best technology for running your live event. Because of this, creation and production of webinar style live events require Stream and Teams licenses and specific permissions. These permissions are not controlled in Yammer settings and a network admin will have to enable these permissions and they will have to be enabled for both Stream and Teams.

How many concurrent viewers can watch this event?

Currently, live events support up to 10,000 concurrent viewers. For more information, see Microsoft Stream live event overview.

What is the maximum duration of an event?

Four (4) hours.

Who can watch a live event?

  • In a private community, only users who are part of the event can view the event.
  • In a public community, attendees who are part of the community and any other tenant community members who come to the event page can view the event.
Feature Produced using Teams Produced using Encoder More info
Analytics Yes Yes See Analytics about your live event in Microsoft Stream. See Monitor your event for more information
Schedule in Yammer Yes Yes N/A
Produce in Yammer No Yes N/A
Attendees view event in Yammer Yes Yes N/A
Attendees view event in Stream Yes Yes N/A
Attendees view event in Teams No No At this time, events scheduled from Yammer cannot be viewed in Teams. If you're looking to produce and view your Live Event in Teams only, then we recommend you use Teams Live events to fulfill this scenario! For more information on events produced and viewed exclusively in Teams, see What are Microsoft Teams live events.
Yammer event feed Yes Yes N/A
Q&A support Yes Yes N/A
Share event using attendee link Yes Yes N/A
Event is automatically added to calendar for producers/presenters No No At this time, events are not automatically added to producers/presenters calendars. We are evaluating adding this feature to our roadmap for the future.
Automatic speech-to-text and captions Yes Yes N/A
On-demand viewing on live event (after event) Automatic transition for live to on-demand for immediate viewing and indexing in Microsoft Stream Automatic transition for live to on-demand for immediate viewing and indexing in Microsoft Stream N/A
Downloadable recording Processed and available after live event by owners Processed and available after live event by owners N/A
Maximum concurrent live events (in pre-live or live) 15 15 N/A
Active concurrent viewers 10,000 10,000 N/A
Maximum length of live event Four(4) hours Four(4) hours N/A
Attendee DVR controls Pause, playback speed (2x catch up, 1x at live), seek Pause, playback speed (2x catch up, 1x at live), seek N/A
Real-time captions No 708 caption pass-through from encoder N/A


Live events in Microsoft 365 is a highly available service and you can expect good performance at scale. In the very unlikely scenario that results in failover being required, live events scheduled from Yammer will not have redundancy and are not be recoverable.

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