"System Message 6855" error in Inventory Issues on a Lot/Serial tracked item

This article helps fix System Message 6855 that occurs in Inventory Issues on a Lot/Serial tracked item.

Applies to:   Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 Service Pack 2
Original KB number:   3027074


Consider the following scenario in Inventory in Dynamics SL:

  • You open IN Setup (10.950.00) and set Decimal Places to 4 for Quantities.
  • You open Receipts (10.010.00) and you enter a receipt for a four decimal quantity, such as 10.7641.
  • You open Issues (10.020.00) and issue the quantity that was received.

When you do this, you receive an error message that resembles the one here.

System Message 6855
The quantity available for this Lot is 10.7641.


The Val function in Visual Basic .NET believes that the quantity is 10.764100000001 that is greater than 10.7641.


Enter on two separate lines in the Issues screen:

Line 1: Qty = 10 w/ Lot Number
Line 2: Qty = .7641