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StatusStrip.WndProc(Message) Method


Processes Windows messages.

 override void WndProc(System::Windows::Forms::Message % m);
protected override void WndProc (ref System.Windows.Forms.Message m);
override this.WndProc : Message -> unit
Protected Overrides Sub WndProc (ByRef m As Message)



The Windows Message to process.


The Message structure wraps messages that Windows sends. You can use this structure to wrap a message and assign it to the window procedure to be dispatched. You can also use this structure to get information about a message the system sends to your application or controls.

You cannot create the Message structure directly. To create a Message structure, use the Create method. To make creating Message structures more efficient, the Message structure uses its pool of existing Message structures instead of creating an instance of a new one, if possible. However, if a Message structure is not available in the pool, a new instance of the structure is created.

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