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ToolStrip.DefaultSize Property


Gets the default size of the ToolStrip.

 virtual property System::Drawing::Size DefaultSize { System::Drawing::Size get(); };
protected override System.Drawing.Size DefaultSize { get; }
member this.DefaultSize : System.Drawing.Size
Protected Overrides ReadOnly Property DefaultSize As Size

Property Value

The default Size of the ToolStrip.


The DefaultSize property represents the Size value of the ToolStrip when it is initially created. You can adjust the size of the ToolStrip by setting its PreferredSize property value.


To maintain better performance, do not set the Size of a ToolStrip in its constructor. Instead, override the DefaultSize property.

Notes to Inheritors

When overriding the DefaultSize property in a derived class, it is preferable to return a Size with the preferred dimensions rather than overriding all the implementation.

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