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ToolStripItem.BackgroundImage Property


Gets or sets the background image displayed in the item.

 virtual property System::Drawing::Image ^ BackgroundImage { System::Drawing::Image ^ get(); void set(System::Drawing::Image ^ value); };
public virtual System.Drawing.Image BackgroundImage { get; set; }
public virtual System.Drawing.Image? BackgroundImage { get; set; }
member this.BackgroundImage : System.Drawing.Image with get, set
Public Overridable Property BackgroundImage As Image

Property Value

An Image that represents the image to display in the background of the item.


Use the BackgroundImage property to place a graphic image onto an item.


Images with translucent or transparent colors are not supported by Windows Forms controls as background images.

This property is not supported on child controls whose RightToLeftLayout property is true.

Notes to Inheritors

You are not required to override both the get and set accessors of the BackgroundImage property; you can override only one if needed.

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