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ToolStripItem.IsInputChar(Char) Method


Determines whether a character is an input character that the item recognizes.

protected public:
 virtual bool IsInputChar(char charCode);
protected internal virtual bool IsInputChar (char charCode);
abstract member IsInputChar : char -> bool
override this.IsInputChar : char -> bool
Protected Friend Overridable Function IsInputChar (charCode As Char) As Boolean



The character to test.


true if the character should be sent directly to the item and not preprocessed; otherwise, false.


This method is called during window message preprocessing to determine whether the given input character should be preprocessed or sent directly to the ToolStripItem. If the IsInputChar method returns true, the specified character is sent directly to the ToolStripItem. However, if the method returns false, the character is preprocessed and only sent to the ToolStripItem if it is not consumed by the preprocessing phase. The preprocessing of a character includes checking whether the character is a mnemonic of another control.

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