Using OData to Return or Obtain a JSON Document

You can publish a page as a web service and consume it using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

Obtain a document based on JSON

  1. You can build applications that consume and display Business Central data using JSON. This example assumes that you have registered and published a page web service in Business Central.

  2. Start Windows Internet Explorer. In the Address field, enter a URI in this format:

    https://<Server>:<WebServicePort>/<ServerInstance>/OData/<web service>?$format=json  

    If Business Central Server is running on the local computer and is using the default Business Central Server instance and OData port, and you have published a web service that is based on page 21 that is called Customer, then the address is:


    This generates a text file that contains metadata and data from the web service. You can open the file from the browser, or you can save it to disk.


    The value of the format attribute must be lowercase: ?$format=json.

    If you want to consume the web service as JSON-P, you can add the ?$callback=<callback function name> parameter.

    You can use a similar URI to return the web service as an AtomPub document, in which case the attribute is ?$format=atom. For more information, see Using OData to Return-Obtain an AtomPub Document.

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