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Vendor invoice header entity

The Vendor invoice header entity supports creating and updating vendor invoice headers; and includes all the necessary fields.

When to use this entity

Use the Vendor invoice header entity to create a vendor invoice header before importing anything else related to a vendor invoice.


Type Name
Data management entity name Vendor invoice header
OData public entity VendorInvoiceHeader
OData public collection VendorInvoiceHeaders
Related menu items Accounts payable / Invoices / Pending vendor invoices
Accounts payable / Invoices / Open vendor invoices
Accounts payable / Vendors / Invoice
Related entities Vendor invoice charges
Vendor invoice document attachment V2
Vendor invoice line
Performance pattern Multiple threads supported
Application Object Tree (AOT) name VendorInvoiceHeaderEntity


Field Description
CURRENCY The currency for the vendor invoice.
CASHDISCOUNT Deduction allowed by vendor from the invoice price.
CASHDISCOUNTCODE The cash discount that is offered.
CASHDISCOUNTDATE If "Use document date" option is marked, then it uses the posting date as the base date, else it uses the invoice date as the base date.
CHARGESGROUP Charges group is available in header entity, but that depends on Invoice is related to PO/Non-PO one, if it is non-po it is working.
DIMENSIONDISPLAYVALUE Specifies the string value for the default dimensions. Updating this field requires configuring the Default dimension format using the Financial dimension configuration for integrating applications menu item**.**
IMPORTEDAMOUNT Specifies the snapshot of the source total amount.
INVOICEACCOUNT Specifies a foreign key to a Vendor.
INVOICEDATE Invoice date will be blank if not specified
INVOICENUMBER Specifies the vendor invoice document reference number. If VENDINVOICEINUSERECOVERENABLE is marked, then duplicate invoice numbers are allowed. This field is required.
SALESTAXGROUP Specifies a foreign key to a Sales tax group.
VENDORACCOUNT Specifies a foreign key to a Vendor.

Issues and considerations

The Vendor invoice header entity supports creating and updating vendor invoice headers related to PO linked or non-PO linked. Update is applicable only before posting the vendor invoice. This entity only creates headers, you must use the Vendor invoice line entity to import vendor invoice lines after the header is imported.

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