How to get a Media Processor instance

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Update your Azure Media Services REST API and SDKs to v3 by 29 February 2024. Version 3 of Azure Media Services REST API and client SDKs for .NET and Java offers more capabilities than version 2. We’re retiring version 2 of the Azure Media Services REST API and client SDKs for .NET and Java.

Action Required: To minimize disruption to your workloads, review the migration guide to transition your code from the version 2 API and SDKs to version 3 API and SDK before February 29th, 2024. After February 29th, 2024, Azure Media Services will no longer accept traffic on the version 2 REST API, the ARM account management API version 2015-10-01, or from the version 2 .NET client SDKs. This includes any 3rd party open-source client SDKS that may call the version 2 API. Learn about the latest version, starting with the Media Services v3 Overview.


Media Processors are a component that handles a specific video or audio processing task, such as encoding, format conversion, encrypting, or decrypting media content. All tasks submitted to Media Services require a media processor to encode, encrypt, or convert the video or audio content.

Azure media processors

The following topic provides lists of media processors:


When accessing entities in Media Services, you must set specific header fields and values in your HTTP requests. For more information, see Setup for Media Services REST API Development.

Connect to Media Services

For information on how to connect to the AMS API, see Access the Azure Media Services API with Azure AD authentication.

Get a media processor

The following REST call shows how to get a media processor instance by name (in this case, Media Encoder Standard).


GET$filter=Name%20eq%20'Media%20Encoder%20Standard' HTTP/1.1
DataServiceVersion: 1.0;NetFx
MaxDataServiceVersion: 3.0;NetFx
Accept: application/json
Accept-Charset: UTF-8
User-Agent: Microsoft ADO.NET Data Services
Authorization: Bearer <token>
x-ms-version: 2.19


. . .

         "Description":"Media Encoder Standard",
         "Name":"Media Encoder Standard",