Adoption resources for Microsoft Viva Topics

Use these adoption resources and other information to spark ideas about how to help get the most out of Viva Topics in your organization.

Downloadable resources

Resource Download Description
Thumbnail image of scenario catalog front page Viva Topics Scenario Catalog Knowledge-sharing scenarios to help you get inspired and get started quickly applying Viva Topics to achieve your organization's goals.
Thumbnail image of adoption guide front page Viva Topics Adoption Guide Step-by-step guide to help your organization through the adoption journey — from planning to scaling — and realize the full value of Viva Topics.
Thumbnail image of communication asset samples front page Viva Topics Communication Asset Samples Customizable collection of Viva Topics communication asset samples you can use to help increase awareness of Viva Topics within your organization.

Other resources

Name Description
Adoption blog Read about how organizations are using Viva Topics to drive a knowledge-centric culture, including learnings, insights, and best practices.
Viva Topics Hackathon toolkit Jumpstart the Viva Topics adoption process with this collaborative Hackathon toolkit.
Viva Topics FAQ Find answers to frequently asked questions to help you understand more about Viva Topics.
End user guidance Understanding Viva Topics
Edit an existing topic in Viva Topics