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Before 2024 release wave 2, the integration functionality via IRIS APIs will be ready.

After you submit the document to the IRS by using the API, the status of the IRS 1099 Form Document changes to Submitted.


More details about the integration will be available when we deliver the new feature.

To print

After calculation, you can use the Print action to print the document. When you print the report, you can choose which copy to print. You have the following options:

  • Copy B is for the vendor.
  • Copy C is for the sender.
  • Copy 2 is the second copy for the vendor.

Email automation



You can't send the document via email if its Status isn't Submitted. This restriction helps you avoid sending an un-submitted document to the vendor.

To be able to send form documents to your vendor, you must set up the consent and the email on the Vendor Card page. These settings include enabling the Receiving 1099 E-Form Consent field to acknowledge that your vendor has provided signed consent to receive their 1099 form electronically using email.


If your vendor gives consent for delivering 1099 forms via email, you can use the E-Mail For IRS field, but you can also keep this field blank and fill-in the standard E-Mail field. It will be used for sending instead.

When the form document is created for a certain vendor, the values are inherited from the vendor card. You can see the values on the Email FastTab of the document if you select Show more. After you create the document, you can't change the consent value in the document, but you can change the e-mail if needed. If you want to change some of the default values on the Vendor Card page, you can. Business Central will copy their values to all 1099 form documents where the Status is Open, if you confirm Yes after changing.


Before you send emails, you must have configured the accounts you use for email on the Email Accounts page.

To send emails

To send 1099 form to one specific vendor, you can do so from the chosen 1099 Form Document by choosing the Send Email action. It's also possible to automate this process, and to send emails for multiple 1099 documents. To do that, open the IRS 1099 Form Documents list page, select one or more documents, and choose the Send Email action.

After you run the Send Email action, select the report type you want to send. You can choose Copy B or Copy 2 (required in some situations). By default, emails are sent only to those vendors to whom they haven't been sent before. If you want to send emails for all selected documents (and resending for some of them), enable the Resend Email option on the request page.

After you select OK, an email is sent immediately for one document or, if you're sending multiple emails, it will be scheduled through the Job Queue Entry. If the email is sent successfully for a certain document, the Copy B Sent or Copy 2 Sent flag is set on the IRS 1099 Form Document page.

If you try to send email for only one document and sending failed, an error dialog displays. If you try to send email for multiple documents and sending fails, the error will be logged to the Email Error Log field on the IRS 1099 Form Document page. When the job for sending multiple documents is finished, the results are recorded in the activity log. To open the Activity Log page, choose the Activity Log action on the IRS 1099 Form Documents page.

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