IoT Intelligence now replaced by Sensor Data Intelligence

The IoT Intelligence feature has been updated to version 2.0 and, at the same time, renamed to Sensor Data Intelligence. The new version is currently available as a preview feature for Supply Chain Management version 10.0.30 or later.

Sensor Data Intelligence introduces a new deployment model where the required Azure components are deployed on your own Azure subscription rather than being managed by Microsoft. This new model enhances your ability to customize the feature and to integrate it with third-party systems. The new version also introduces support for two new internet of things (IoT) scenarios for Asset management.

Because of these upcoming changes, Microsoft recommends against starting any new projects based on the existing IoT Intelligence feature. If you are interested in adding IoT capabilities to your system, we recommend that you get started by working with the preview version of Sensor Data Intelligence instead. For more information about Sensor Data Intelligence and how to work with it, see the Sensor Data Intelligence home page.