Xamarin.Android - Binding an .AAR Example

This sample app accompanies Binding an .AAR.

This sample can help you understand how a Xamarin.Android application can reuse existing Java code that is packaged in an Android .AAR. This sample also demonstrates how to access and use .AAR resources.

The MainActivity of the app prompts the user for a string and uses a TextCounter class within the .AAR to count the number of vowels and consonants in the string. (The Android Studio project and Java source for the .AAR is included.) In addition, an image resource is retrieved from the .AAR to assist in displaying the count results.

Most of the "heavy lifting" is done by the .AAR. The example app simply accepts input from the user, sends it to the .AAR for text analysis, then displays results.

Two projects are contained in this solution. The AarBinding project is the Binding Project that wraps the textanalyzer.aar file, and the BindingTest project is the test app that references AarBinding.

Binding an .AAR Example  application screenshot