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Set up and use Microsoft Whiteboard

The Microsoft Whiteboard app includes the capability for Surface Hubs and other devices with the Microsoft Whiteboard app installed to collaborate in real time on the same board.


To use whiteboard collaboration, complete the following actions:

  • Add Whiteboard.ms, whiteboard.microsoft.com, and wbd.ms to your list of allowed sites.
  • Open port: HTTPS: 443 (normally configured when you first run Surface Hub.)
  • Ensure that Whiteboard is enabled for your organization. For more information, see Manage access to Whiteboard.

Microsoft 365 requirements

  • Whiteboard collaboration is only supported in the Microsoft 365 commercial environment and requires Microsoft 365 with cloud-based Microsoft Entra ID.
  • You can only run collaborative sessions among users belonging to the same Microsoft 365 tenant.
  • Microsoft 365 Germany or Microsoft 365 operated by 21Vianet don't support whiteboard collaboration.

Collaborating with whiteboards

To start a collaboration session:

  1. In the Whiteboard app, tap the Sign in button.
  2. Sign in with your organization ID.
  3. Tap the Invite button next to your name at the top of the app.
  4. Write or type the names of the colleagues you wish to collaborate with.

On the other device, such as a Surface Hub, when you're signed in, the shared board will now appear in the board gallery.

User tips

  • Sign in to access your whiteboards. As you work, changes are saved automatically.
  • Name your whiteboards to help organize your content and find it quickly. Select the … to open the menu. Select the Options gear icon to access more tools and features of the Whiteboard.
  • Use Ink to shape to turn drawing into actual shapes like circles, squares, and triangles.
  • Use Ink to table to turn a drawn grid into a table with rows and columns.
  • You can also change the background color and design from solid to grid or dots. Pick the background, then choose the color from the wheel around it.
  • You can export a copy of the Whiteboard collaboration for yourself through the Share charm and leave the board for others to continue working.

For more information, see Use Microsoft Whiteboard on a Surface Hub.


If you are using Whiteboard and cannot sign in, you can collaborate by joining a Teams or Skype for Business meeting, and then sharing your screen. After you're done, tap Settings > Export to email or save a copy of the board. If you choose to export to SVG, it exports vector graphics and provides higher resolution than PNG and can be opened in a web browser.

New features in Whiteboard

  • Automatic Saving - Boards are saved to the cloud automatically when you sign in, and can be found in the board gallery. There's no local folder name or directory.
  • Extended collaboration across devices - You can collaborate using new apps for Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC and iOS, and a web version for other devices.
  • Richer canvas - In addition to ink and images, Whiteboard now includes sticky notes, text and GIFs, with more objects coming soon.
  • Intelligence – In addition to ink to shape and table, Whiteboard now includes ink beautification to improve handwriting and ink grab to convert images to ink.
  • More color and background options - Whiteboard now includes more pen colors and thickness options along with other background colors and designs.
  • Teams Integration – You can automatically launch Whiteboard from a Teams meeting and share with participants.