Switch from Google Workspace - Overview

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You can use the following steps to move your data, email, and users from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 for business. Use the articles and videos in each step to help you prepare and configure your environment to migrate and use the migration tools available to you in the Microsoft Admin center.

Step Description
Step 1 Sign up for Microsoft 365 for Business
Step 2 Set up Microsoft 365 for Google Workspace migration.
In this step you'll validate you own the domain you use in Google Workspace, add users, and set up basic security for devices.
Step 3 Set up security policies for Windows devices.
Windows security is set up separately in the Setup page of Microsoft 365 admin center.
Step 4 Add your Google Workspace domain to Microsoft 365
After you verify you own the domain you're using for email, you and all the other users can start using your old email to sign in to Microsoft 365 Business premium.
Step 5 Install Office apps and Microsoft Teams.
All the people who have Microsoft 365 licenses should install the Microsoft 365 productivity apps on their work devices.
Step 6 Migrate everyone's email and calendar items.
In this step you'll run an Exchange Online migration to move everyone's email, calendar, and contacts from Google Workspace.
Step 7 Connect domain to Microsoft 365.
After you connect the domain email starts going to Microsoft 365, and all your Microsoft 365 services will work.
Step 8 Use Migration Manager to move everyone's data from Drive to OneDrive and from shared Drives to Team sites.
In this step, all the data in personal and shared Drives is copied and moved to Microsoft 365.
Step 9 Discontinue Google Workspace but keep your domain.
If Google manages your domain, you can keep it there even after you discontinue your Google Workspace subscription. You can also choose to move it to another DNS host if you want.