Learn More – Call or Meeting Recording

Your privacy is important to us. When Microsoft sales teams engage in conversations with customers, we utilize call recording technologies during calls both online and over traditional phone lines. During these calls, we use automated tools, including machine learning, to analyze and draw insights from call recordings. This article describes how Microsoft uses these technologies and your choices. All call recordings are handled in accordance with the Microsoft Privacy Statement and this article.

Purpose of Call Recording

The data collected during a call or meeting recording may be used globally by Microsoft and its affiliates, subsidiaries, and service providers for training, coaching purposes, business strategy, to improve the sales process and customer experience, and for product development purposes.

We use automated tools, including machine learning, to transcribe the call and analyze and draw insights from call transcriptions. For example, a Microsoft product called Conversation Intelligence uses analytics and data science to gather data from the call transcriptions and CRM systems. Conversation Intelligence analyzes the data and provides our sellers with information and insights such as a summary of items discussed on the call, a list of follow-up action items, key words, customer sentiment, and call history. Conversation Intelligence uses models developed in accordance with Microsoft’s Responsible AI principles.

Information We Record or Collect

Call recording tools may collect information including audio and video from calls and online meetings. Any information you choose to share during recorded phone calls or meetings may be collected such as your voice, image, and other content. In addition to the recordings, we may use information we already have about you regarding your business relationship with Microsoft from other systems, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

Your Choices

In addition to the access and deletion rights outlined in the Microsoft Privacy Statement, you have choices regarding whether you're recorded during calls and meetings.

  • Right to Know: You'll be notified before any call or meeting is recorded.

  • Right to Choose: You have the right to choose whether you're recorded. If you choose not to be recorded, inform your Microsoft call host that you don't consent to recording.

For more information about how Microsoft processes personal data, see the Microsoft Privacy Statement.