IAudioEndpointRT interface (audioengineendpoint.h)

Gets the difference between the current read and write positions in the endpoint buffer. The IAudioEndpointRT interface is used by the audio engine.

IAudioEndpointRT methods can be called from a real-time processing thread. The implementation of the methods of this interface must not block, access paged memory, or call any blocking system routines.


The IAudioEndpointRT interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. IAudioEndpointRT also has these types of members:


The IAudioEndpointRT interface has these methods.


Gets the amount, in 100-nanosecond units, of data that is queued up in the endpoint.

Notifies the endpoint that a processing pass has been completed.

Notifies the endpoint that it must change the state of the underlying streaming resources to an active state.

Notifies the endpoint that it must change the state of the underlying stream resources to an inactive state.


The Remote Desktop Services AudioEndpoint API is for use in Remote Desktop scenarios; it is not for client applications.


Minimum supported client Windows 7
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 R2
Target Platform Windows
Header audioengineendpoint.h