MixedRealityToolkit.ActiveProfile Property


The public property of the Active Profile, ensuring events are raised on the change of the configuration

 property Microsoft::MixedReality::Toolkit::MixedRealityToolkitConfigurationProfile ^ ActiveProfile { Microsoft::MixedReality::Toolkit::MixedRealityToolkitConfigurationProfile ^ get(); void set(Microsoft::MixedReality::Toolkit::MixedRealityToolkitConfigurationProfile ^ value); };
public Microsoft.MixedReality.Toolkit.MixedRealityToolkitConfigurationProfile ActiveProfile { get; set; }
member this.ActiveProfile : Microsoft.MixedReality.Toolkit.MixedRealityToolkitConfigurationProfile with get, set
Public Property ActiveProfile As MixedRealityToolkitConfigurationProfile

Property Value



If changing the Active profile prior to the initialization (i.e. Awake()) of MixedRealityToolkit is desired, call the static function SetProfileBeforeInitialization(MixedRealityToolkitConfigurationProfile) instead.

When setting the ActiveProfile during runtime, the destroy of the currently running services will happen after the last LateUpdate() of all services, and the instantiation and initialization of the services associated with the new profile will happen before the first Update() of all services.

A noticeable application hesitation may occur during this process. Also any script with higher priority than this can enter its Update before the new profile is properly setup.

You are strongly recommended to see here for more information on profile switching.

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