This function obtains information about a remote access projection operation for a specified remote access component protocol.

DWORD RasGetProjectionInfo(
  HRASCONN hrasconn, 
  RASPROJECTION rasprojection, 
  LPVOID lpprojection, 
  LPDWORD lpcb 
  • hrasconn
    [in] Handle to the remote access connection of interest. An application obtains a RAS connection handle from the RasDial or RasEnumConnections function.
  • rasprojection
    [in] A RASPROJECTION enumerated type value that specifies the protocol of interest.
  • lpprojection
    [out] Long pointer to a buffer that will receive the information specified by the rasprojection parameter. The information will be in a structure appropriate to the rasprojection value.
    Rasprojection value Data structure Definition
    RASP_PppIp RASPPPIP Specifies the IP control protocol. IPCP is a PPP network control protocol used to negotiate the parameters necessary to ship IP packets on a WAN link.
  • lpcb
    [in, out] Long pointer to a variable that, on entry, specifies the size in bytes of the buffer pointed to by lpprojection. ON exit, this variable contains the size of buffer needed to contain the specified projection information.

Return Values

Zero indicates success. A nonzero error value indicates failure. The function may return a nonzero RAS error code, or one of the following error codes.

Value Description
ERROR_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL The buffer pointed to by lpprojection is not large enough to contain the requested information.
ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE The hrasconn parameter is not a valid handle.
ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER One of the parameters is invalid.
ERROR_PROTOCOL_NOT_CONFIGURED The control protocol for which information was requested neither succeeded nor failed, because the connection's phone-book entry did not require that an attempt to negotiate the protocol be made. This is a RAS error code.


The remote access projection process negotiates network protocol-specific information between a remote access server and a remote client. A remote access server uses this network protocol-specific information to represent a remote client on the network.


OS Versions: Windows CE 3.0 and later.
Header: Ras.h.
Link Library: Coredll.lib.

See Also

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