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Plan for Scale-Out File Server


Applies To: Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012

Before you deploy Scale-Out File Server, you must first review the requirements and plan for the deployment. The information you should review includes:

  • Failover Clustering requirements   Because a Scale-Out File Server is built on Failover Clustering, any requirements for Failover Clustering also apply to Scale-Out File Server.

  • Server application storage requirements   Microsoft SQL Server and Hyper-V are the two server applications that are supported by Scale-Out File Server. You should review the storage requirements for the server application you plan to use.

  • Existing storage in your organization   You can use existing storage that may already be deployed within your organization.

  • Network configuration   You should review your network adapter configuration, the bandwidth of the CSV redirection traffic, and the DNS configuration for the cluster nodes.

Use the following steps to plan a Scale-Out File Server deployment in your organization:

After you have completed these planning steps, see Deploy Scale-Out File Server.

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