Exercise - Simulate mouse and keyboard actions


We are going to develop a process that navigates to the properties of the current computer, takes a screenshot of the properties window, and saves it on the desktop.

The process will:

  • Retrieve the location of the current user’s desktop folder
  • Navigate to this PC by using the Start Menu
  • Open the properties of this PC
  • Take a screenshot of the window and save it on the desktop
  1. Use the Get Special Folder action. Under Special Folder Name, select DesktopDirectory.

    Screenshot of Properties of 'Get Special Folder' action dialog.

  2. Use the Move Mouse action. Move the mouse to the Start icon, and press Ctrl+Shift. This will enter the coordinates of the start icon into the two coordinate fields under Move Mouse to. Set Move Mouse From Previous Position to With Animation (Fast Speed).

    Screenshot of Properties of 'Move Mouse' action dialog.

  3. Add the Send Mouse Click action. Leave the Mouse Event to Send option on its default setting, Left Click.

    Screenshot of Properties of 'Send Mouse Click' action dialog.

  4. Add the Send Keys action. In Text to Send enter This PC{Enter}{Apps}{R} and set Delay Between Keystrokes to 500 milliseconds.

    Screenshot of Properties of 'Send Keys' action dialog.

    • This PC will type the text “This PC” into the Start Menu search
    • {Enter} will simulate pressing the enter key to open this PC
    • {Apps} will open the context menu in the PC window
    • {R} will select and open properties

    Screenshot of Properties of 'Take Screenshot' action dialog.

  5. Add the Take Screenshot action. Set Capture to Foreground Window, Save Screenshot to to File, Image File to %SpecialFolder%\screen.jpg and Image Format to Jpg.

  6. Running the process will result in the screen.jpg file being placed on the current user’s desktop.