Implementare la logica avanzata in WinAutomation

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La logica in WinAutomation consente di automatizzare i processi. In questo percorso di apprendimento viene illustrato come usare i processi di sistema, il controllo del flusso, simulare le azioni del mouse e modificare le operazioni di testo, data e ora.


Conoscenza di base di WinAutomation e della logica algoritmica.

Moduli in questo percorso di apprendimento

WinAutomation supports the automation of miscellaneous tasks, which are fundamental to the Microsoft Windows operating system, through the system and services actions.

The ability to alter the order in which actions and functions are implemented is called flow control. WinAutomation enables flow control through the flow control actions.

Learn how to create processes that simulate mouse movement and clicks, as well as typing and key presses. This module also describes how to select and locate a specific image or area on the screen with the mouse.

Message boxes can be used to interact with a user to either request input, or to provide output.

WinAutomation provides actions to help you manipulate text and DateTime values. These Text and DateTime actions help you adopt a standardized data format in your processes.

WinAutomation supports parallel implementation of many instances of the same process. In situations where parallel implementation is unwanted, the synchronization actions can prevent actions from being run simultaneously in multiple process instances.