IUserTokenProvider<TUser, TKey> Interface


Represents the interface to generate user tokens.

Namespace:   Microsoft.AspNet.Identity
Assembly:  Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Core (in Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Core.dll)


public interface IUserTokenProvider<TUser, TKey>
where TUser : class, IUser<TKey>
where TKey : object, IEquatable<TKey>
generic<typename TUser, typename TKey>
where TUser : ref class, IUser<TKey>
where TKey : Object, IEquatable<TKey>
public interface class IUserTokenProvider
type IUserTokenProvider<'TUser, 'TKey when 'TUser : not struct and IUser<'TKey> when 'TKey : Object and IEquatable<'TKey>> = interface end
Public Interface IUserTokenProvider(Of TUser As { Class, IUser(Of TKey) }, TKey As { Object, IEquatable(Of TKey) })

Type Parameters

  • TUser
    The type of the user in the provider.
  • TKey
    The type of the keys in the provider.


Name Description
System_CAPS_pubmethod GenerateAsync(String, UserManager<TUser, TKey>, TUser)

Asynchronously generates a token for a user with a specific purpose.

System_CAPS_pubmethod IsValidProviderForUserAsync(UserManager<TUser, TKey>, TUser)

Indicates whether the provider can be used for this user.

System_CAPS_pubmethod NotifyAsync(String, UserManager<TUser, TKey>, TUser)

Asynchronously notifies the user that a token has been generated.

System_CAPS_pubmethod ValidateAsync(String, String, UserManager<TUser, TKey>, TUser)

Asynchronously validates a token for a user with a specific purpose.

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