EstimateClassificationProbabilities operation

Namespace: Microsoft.Quantum.MachineLearning

Package: Microsoft.Quantum.MachineLearning

Given a set of samples and a sequential classifier, estimates the classification probability for those samples by repeatedly measuring the output of the classifier on each sample.

operation EstimateClassificationProbabilities (tolerance : Double, model : Microsoft.Quantum.MachineLearning.SequentialModel, samples : Double[][], nMeasurements : Int) : Double[]


tolerance : Double

The tolerance to allow in encoding the sample into a state preparation operation.

model : SequentialModel

The sequential model to be used to estimate the classification probabilities for the given samples.

samples : Double[][]

An array of feature vectors for each sample to be classified.

nMeasurements : Int

The number of measurements to use in estimating the classification probability.

Output : Double[]

An array of estimates of the classification probability for each given sample.