Applies To: Windows Server 2008


Use this wizard page to specify how Windows Firewall with Advanced Security will match criteria based on which program on the local computer is sending the packets to, or receiving the packets from, the remote computer. If all other criteria are matched, Windows Firewall with Advanced Security will take the action that you specify on the Action page.


To specify services using the wizard, choose the Custom option on the Rule Type page of the wizard.

All programs

Use this option to specify that packets being received by any program will match.

This program path

Use this option to match packets from a specific program. You can either specify the program path (including environment variables) or browse to the program executable (.exe) file and select it.

Adjusting these settings after creating the firewall rule

You can also adjust these settings in the Firewall Rule Properties dialog box in the Inbound Rules and Outbound Rules nodes. To change the program path, use the Programs and Services tab.

Additional references

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