Xamarin.iOS - PassKit Sample

This sample demonstrates how to build a PassKit Companion App to interact with passes you have issued in a users Passbook.


This sample doesn't work out of the box, you need to setup provisioning profile for you app and create certificate for pass signing.



When you open this app, it will not run because the solution requires the file CouponBanana2.pkpass which does not exist. Follow the steps below to create the sample Pass file, then you'll be able to run the sample.

Create a Pass

To use passes your app needs to be provisioned correctly, and you need to make some changes to the example pass to match your personal provisioning information:

  • Create an AppId in the provisioning portal and enable Wallet
  • Generate Provisioning Profile for your app
  • Register new iOS Pass Type ID
  • Generate Certificate for your just created iOS Pass Type ID via Edit > Create Certificate
  • Download and install your certificate for pass


Now you need to fix some files:

  • Entitlements.plist and Info.Plist – fix BundleIdentifier and PassTypeIdentifiers
  • CouponBanana2.pass/pass.json – fix passTypeIdentifier and teamIdentifier

At this point you are ready to generate pass package. For this sample we provide a simple utility which create package for you (the signpass executable is included in this repo). Go to terminal and run:

cd path/to/PassLibrary/sample
./signpass -p CouponBanana2.pass/ -c "Common_Name"

You can determine the correct value for Common_Name with Keychain Access app:

  • Launch Keychain Access app
  • Find the certificate which you installed a few steps ago
  • Select certificate > Right Click > Get Info
  • Here you are able to see Common Name - it could be something like "Pass Type ID: pass.com.yourcompany.passkitnameyouchose"

After running that command in the Terminal, you should be able to find CouponBanana2.pkpass in the same folder as the command was run.

Pass Troubleshooting

If you don't update the values in pass.json, you'll get an error Could not initialize an instance of the type 'PassKit.PKPass': the native 'initWithData:error:' method returned nil*

Test the Pass

You can easily test a compiled Pass by dragging the file into a running iOS Simulator window. It should appear in the simulator and allow you to add it directly to the Wallet. In the Wallet you can then view and delete the pass.

If the pass does not appear, or cannot be added to the Wallet, verify all the steps above were completed correctly (especially the certificate generation, downloading, and the personalized values in pass.json).

Do not attempt to run the sample app until the Pass is generated and used successfully.

Run the sample app

Go to Visual Studio for Mac - the solution should now include the CouponBanana2.pkpass file. Compile and run the sample app.

App Troubleshooting

If the Pass cannot be added in the app, verify the CouponBanana2.pkpass file exists (you generate it via the command line in the steps above). It should also have Build Action: Bundle Resource so that it is deployed with the app.

Also verify:

  • App ID has Wallet enabled
  • Pass Type ID was created correctly
  • App Bundle ID and Pass Type ID are correctly entered.
  • Provisioning Profile has been downloaded and installed.
  • The correct provisioning profile is being used when the app is built.

Further Reading

Refer to the Introduction to PassKit documentation on the Xamarin website.

Also refer to Apple's Integrating with Wallet docs.