Event Properties

Windows Portable Devices supports the following event properties.

Property VarType Description
WPD_EVENT_OPTION_IS_BROADCAST_EVENT VT_BOOL A Boolean value that specifies whether the event is broadcast to all clients.Clients can receive this event by registering their callback with IPortableDevice::Advise.
WPD_EVENT_PARAMETER_CHILD_HIERARCHY_CHANGED VT_BOOL A Boolean value that specifies whether the child hierarchy for the object has changed.This parameter is used to notify the caller that some children for the specified object have been added or removed. Typically the hierarchy change is initiated on the device side. Clients may have to re-enumerate this folder's children to keep their views up to date.
WPD_EVENT_PARAMETER_EVENT_ID VT_CLSID A value that identifies an event.
WPD_EVENT_PARAMETER_OBJECT_CREATION_COOKIE VT_LPWSTR The cookie handed back to a client when it requests an object creation by calling the IPortableDeviceContent::CreateObjectWithPropertiesAndData method.This parameter is added as a convenience to help the caller tie an object-added event to the request it sent to create the object. The driver hands this cookie back as the WPD_PROPERTY_OBJECT_MANAGEMENT_CONTEXT return value when processing the WPD_COMMAND_OBJECT_MANAGEMENT_CREATE_OBJECT_WITH_PROPERTIES_AND_DATA command.
WPD_EVENT_PARAMETER_OBJECT_PARENT_PERSISTENT_UNIQUE_ID VT_LPWSTR A value that uniquely identifies the parent object. This property is similar to WPD_OBJECT_PARENT_ID, but this ID does not change between sessions.
WPD_EVENT_PARAMETER_OPERATION_PROGRESS VT_UI4 A value that specifies the progress of a currently executing operation. The value of this property can range from 0 to 100, with 100 indicating that the operation is complete.
WPD_EVENT_PARAMETER_OPERATION_STATE VT_UI4 A value that indicates the current state of the operation, for example, started, running, stopped, and so on.This parameter's possible values are from the WPD_OPERATION_STATES enumeration defined in PortableDevice.h. Possible values are:
WPD_EVENT_PARAMETER_PNP_DEVICE_ID VT_LPWSTR A value that specifies the device that originated the event.This is the device or service identifier given by the Plug-and-Play (PnP) system, and is the same string used in the IPortableDevice::Openor IPortableDeviceService::Open methods.
WPD_EVENT_PARAMETER_SERVICE_METHOD_CONTEXT VT_LPWSTR A string that is used by a WPD driver to identify the operation of a device-service method. Applications should not use this parameter directly.


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