See a list of Audio Conferencing numbers in Microsoft Teams

When you set up Audio Conferencing for Microsoft Teams users, you can view the phone numbers that are available to them for audio conferencing. This list will have all of the audio conferencing phone numbers that are available to your organization.

Looking for prices? Review the Audio Conferencing rates section in Audio Conferencing.

If there is only one phone number available in your organization, it will be used as the default number for all of your users. When multiple phone numbers are available, you can select the default phone number for each user. This default number will be included in Microsoft Teams meeting invitations.

You can see Set the phone numbers included on invites to change the dial-in phone number for a single user.


We are frequently updating how you can manage features, so the steps here might be a little different from what you see.

To view your audio conferencing phone numbers

Using the Microsoft Teams admin center:

  1. In the left navigation, go to Meetings > Conference bridges.
  2. View the phone numbers that are available for audio conferencing.
  • You can also view the location and primary language that will be used by the audio conferencing auto attendant.

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