Exercise - Manage customer resources


In this exercise, you will manage the resources of Contoso's customers.


Return to the lab environment you have open from the previous exercise, as it contains pre-requisites needed for these scenarios.

Exercise scenarios

Enable Azure Backup

You've detected that a customer's virtual machine is not being backed up. As a Contoso staff member using your own credentials, you will enable Azure Backup for that virtual machine.

Add a new Azure resource

Next, you've been asked to add a new storage account to a customer's subscription. This activity shows the impact of your delegated access role, which prevents you from actioning tasks outside the scope of that role.

Deploy Azure Policy to customers at scale

Finally, Contoso has recommended that all customers use secure transfer methods to their storage accounts. This means that storage accounts should only accept requests from secure connections that use HTTPS. You will use PowerShell to deploy an Azure Policy to all of your customer's subscriptions, which enforce HTTPS for storage accounts.

On completion of these final exercises, you can close the lab environment.