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Microsoft Webcafe

Microsoft Webcafe for web and user experience professionals

Microsoft Webcafe is a new informal get-together for web and user experience professionals after work hours. The goal is to present a mix of news around Microsoft web related topics and give the opportunity for participants to present a project themselves.

Sessions are aimed to be short and to the point (10 - 15 minutes per topic), allowing for very different subjects to be covered in one evening.

Drinks are on us!

Next event:

Thursday 17th February 2011
at Combell Ghent.

Register now for the second Microsoft Webcafe taking place at the Combell 'Café' in Ghent. Detailed agenda and location can be found on the registration page.

Use Twitter tag: #mswebcafe

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The setup

A different location and setting per event (second event at Combell Café)
Microsoft presenters have a few short topics to introduce
Participants present a few cases. To submit a proposal for a case or session please contact
Combination of informal, short sessions and informal get-together
Some topics may be technical, others more creative or even business focused
Drinks and light food is foreseen
Events are free and open to all, first come, first serve

Who can join?

It’s a free event that is open to everyone interested in learning new stuff from Microsoft in the web and UX space. We are looking for people interested in learning but also in sharing what they know or cases they have implemented. And of course networking and conversation is key.