Transfer phone numbers to Microsoft Teams

Use the porting wizard in the Microsoft Teams admin center to transfer your phone numbers from your current service provider to Teams. After you port your phone numbers to Teams, Microsoft will become your service provider and will bill you for those phone numbers.

Before you start, we recommend you review the information in What's a port order? If you have service numbers for dial-in conferencing bridges, auto attendants or other service numbers, toll-free phone numbers, or have more than 999 user (subscriber) phone numbers that you need to transfer to Teams, see Manage phone numbers for your organization to download the correct forms and send them to us.


We process port orders for transferring phone numbers only on United States business days and not on public holidays or weekends.

Porting availability for Toll-free phone numbers may vary by country and region. To find our more, please refer to your country or region specific documents to see available support for porting service.

Create a port order and transfer your phone numbers to Teams

  1. In the left navigation of the Microsoft Teams admin center, go to Voice > Phone numbers. Select Numbers, and then select Port to start the porting wizard.

  2. Review the information on the Get started page, and then when you're ready, select Next.

  3. On the Select location and number type page, specify the following, and then select Next:

    • Country or region: Country or region where you're getting numbers.
    • Phone number type: Type of number, such as geographic or toll-free numbers.
    • Numbers assigned to: What the numbers are assigned to. For example, users, or conferencing or voice features.
  4. On the Add account information page, complete the following, and then select Next.


    The information displayed on this page is determined by the country or region and number type. Each country and region has different regulations on the information that's required to port numbers. What you see on this page may be different from what's described here.

    • Order details:
      • Order name: Name of your order
      • Notification emails: Email addresses to receive order notifications. If you enter multiple email addresses, separate each with a semicolon.
      • Transferred date: Transfer date issued by your current service provider.
    • Phone number details
      • Port type: Whether you're doing a full-port to transfer all your numbers or a partial-port to transfer some of your numbers.
    • Person requesting details
      • Your organization name and contact details of the person requesting the transfer.
    • Current provider's details
      • Billing telephone number (BTN): Your BTN in E.164 format, which requires a + sign to prepend the number. For example, for a North America number, use +1XXXYYYZZZZ format.
      • Other details including the name of your current service provider, your account number, and your service address.
  5. On the Add numbers page, select Select a file, browse to and select the CSV file that contains the phone numbers that you want to transfer, and then select Next.


    The CSV file must have only one column with a header named PhoneNumber. Each phone number must be on a separate row and can be digits only or in E.164 format.

  6. On the Complete your order page, select Upload a signed Letter of Authorization to upload a scanned copy of the signed Letter of Authorization (LOA).

    If you haven't already downloaded and signed the LOA, do the following:

    1. Select Download the template to download the LOA for your country or region.
    2. Print the LOA.
    3. Have the LOA signed by the person who is authorized to make changes to the account.
    4. Scan the signed LOA, and then select Upload a signed Letter of Authorization to upload it.


    After you upload your LOA, submit your order. Just uploading the LOA isn't sufficient. You have to also submit the order for it be processed.

    For more information about LOAs to port/transfer existing phone numbers and additional documentation requirements, see Manage phone numbers for Calling Plan.

    To port/transfer more than 999 phone numbers or if you experience issues with the porting process in the Microsoft Teams admin center, you can manually submit a port order to the TNS Service Desk for your region.

  7. Review your order details, and then select Submit.

What happens next?

When we receive your port order, you'll receive an email that verifies your request. Your request is checked and updated daily, and you'll be notified of its progress and status in email. If your port request is rejected by the carrier, contact the TNS Service Desk for assistance.

To view the status of your port order, in the left navigation of the Microsoft Teams admin center, go to Voice > Port orders, and then select Order history. Each port order status is listed in the Status column. To learn more, see What's the status of your port orders?

Reporting Telephone Number Issues?

If you notice any issues with the ported numbers within the first 24-48 hours after the port is completed, contact the TNS Service Desk. For any issues beyond 48 hours, contact the Microsoft Support Team.