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PropertyName Element for ItemSelectionCondition for ListControl

Specifies the .NET property that triggers the condition. When this property is present or when it evaluates to true, the condition is met, and the view is used. This element is used when defining a list view.


  • Configuration Element
  • ViewDefinitions Element
  • View Element
  • ListControl Element
  • ListEntries Element
  • ListEntry Element
  • ListItems Element
  • ListItem Element
  • ItemSelectionCondition Element
  • PropertyName Element



Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and the parent elements of the PropertyName element.



Child Elements


Parent Elements

Element Description
ItemSelectionCondition Element for ListItem for ListControl

Text Value

Specify the name of the property whose value is displayed.


If this element is used, you cannot specify the ScriptBlock element when defining the selection condition.

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