Computer stops responding when you delete a saved document on the Quick Voucher and Pre-payment Entry screen

Applies to:   Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011, Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 Service Pack 1
Original KB number:   2950416


Consider the following scenario in Accounts Payable in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011:

  • In Quick Voucher and Pre-Payment Entry (03.020.00), you create a document, and then you leave it on hold.
  • You save the document to assign a reference number.
  • You click the delete icon (X).

In this scenario, the computer stops responding.


To resolve this issue, run the following SQL statement against the application database in SQL Server Management Studio:

alter Proc Batch_Mod_Rlsed @parm1 varchar ( 10), @parm2 varchar ( 2) as
   Batch with (nolock)
   BatNbr = @parm1
   and Module = @parm2
   and Rlsed = 1
   and status <> 'V'


The problem was corrected in Dynamics SL 2011 Feature Pack 1.