Deprecated Features in the Dutch Version of Dynamics 365 Business Central

This topic lists and describes the local functionality for the Netherlands that has been removed from Business Central, made available from a new page or report, made available to one or more additional countries, or replaced by a new feature.

Checking Totals for Purchase Invoices and Purchase Credit Memos

If the total amount on a purchase document does not match the total amount from the purchase lines, you can find out why by letting Business Central calculate the total amount, total base amount, total VAT amount, and total amount including VAT for the purchase lines. The totals display in fields at the bottom of the Purchase Invoice or Purchase Credit Memo pages.

By default, Business Central does not show these totals. To display them, on the Purchases & Payables Setup page, choose the Show Totals on Purch. Inv./CM. check box.


To use this feature, your purchase invoices or purchase credit memos must have at least one purchase line, and a quantity. Additionally, when you turn on this feature Business Central recalculates totals on all purchase invoices and credit memos. Depending on the number of documents, this can take some time.

Moved, Removed, or Replaced? Why?
Moved The feature to check totals for purchase invoices and credit memos is no longer specific to the Netherlands, so we have made it generally available in the standard product.

Standard Sales and Purchase Codes

If you often need to create sales and purchase lines with similar information, you can set up standard codes representing sales and purchase lines that you can then insert on recurring sales and purchase documents, for example, for recurring replenishment orders.

Moved, Removed, or Replaced? Why?
Removed The feature has been removed from the Dutch version because it is generally available in the standard product.

Fields marked as ObsoleteState:Pending

The following fields are marked as ObsoleteState = Pending; in the NL version.

Table ID Table Name Field ID Field Name Comments
312 Purchases & Payables Setup 11312 Show Totals on Purch. Inv./CM. Will be removed in a later release.

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