Intelligent Recommendations REST API reference

Intelligent Recommendations democratizes AI and machine learning recommendations through a codeless and powerful experience powered by the same technology that fuels Xbox, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Azure.

For detailed overview, see What is Intelligent Recommendations?

This section provides reference content for the Intelligent Recommendations REST API.

REST Operations: Discovery

Operation Description
Get Item Selectors Use this helper API to receive selectors or filters (if applicable) for the visually similar recommendations lists.

REST Operations: Item-to-Item Recommendations

Operation Description
Next Best Action Cart or frequently bought together recommendations return items that are likely to be consumed together with the seed item(s).
Get Similar Items Returns a list of item-to-item recommendations. Recommended items can be similar to the seed item or related in some way, based on the way data is structured and the algorithm.

REST Operations: Top Charts

Operation Description
Get New Items Returns the catalog items ranked by release date, newest first.
Get Popular Items Returns the most popular items from the catalog, ranked by the number of interactions over a period of time.
Get Trending Items Returns the catalog items ranked by popularity, giving newer events more weight than older ones. Popularity is scored over a configurable period of time.

REST Operations: User-to-Item Recommendations

Operation Description
Get User Picks Returns personal picks, or items from the catalog that the user is likely to interact with.

What is Intelligent Recommendations?
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