Sync Groups - Trigger Sync

Triggers a sync group synchronization.


URI Parameters

Name In Required Type Description
path True


The name of the database on which the sync group is hosted.

path True


The name of the resource group that contains the resource. You can obtain this value from the Azure Resource Manager API or the portal.

path True


The name of the server.

path True


The subscription ID that identifies an Azure subscription.

path True


The name of the sync group.

query True


The API version to use for the request.


Name Type Description
200 OK

Successfully triggered a sync group synchronization.

Other Status Codes

*** Error Responses: ***

  • 400 InvalidSyncGroupCreateOrUpdateRequest - The create or update sync group request body is empty.

  • 400 InvalidSyncMemberCreateOrUpdateRequest - The create or update sync member request body is empty.

  • 400 InvalidSyncAgentCreateOrUpdateRequest - The create or update sync agent request body is empty.

  • 400 InvalidDatabaseResourceId - Invalid database resource identifier.

  • 400 MismatchingSubscriptionWithUrl - The provided subscription did not match the subscription in the Url.

  • 400 InvalidSyncAgentResourceId - Invalid sync agent resource identifier.

  • 400 MismatchingResourceGroupNameWithUrl - The provided resource group name did not match the name in the Url.

  • 400 MismatchingServerNameWithUrl - The provided server name did not match the name in the Url.

  • 400 InvalidParameterValue - An invalid value was given to a parameter.

  • 400 MissingServerName - The Server name is missing

  • 400 MissingDatabaseName - The Database name is missing

  • 400 MissingSyncGroupName - The Sync Group name is missing

  • 400 MissingConflictResolutionPolicy - The Conflict Resolution Policy is missing

  • 400 MissingSyncAgentName - The Sync Agent name is missing

  • 400 SyncOperation_GenericFailure - Failed to perform data sync operation.

  • 400 InvalidSyncGroup - Sync group is invalid.

  • 400 FeatureDisabledOnSelectedEdition - User attempted to use a feature which is disabled on current database edition.

  • 400 CannotCreateSyncGroupDueToQuotaExceeded - Cannot create sync group due to quota exceeded.

  • 400 SyncOperation_DuplicateSyncGroupDrop - The sync group is already being dropped.

  • 400 SyncOperation_WrongSyncDatabase - The sync database specified does not match the existing one.

  • 400 SyncOperation_UpdateSyncGroupWhenDropping - Cannot update the sync group because it is currently being dropped.

  • 400 SyncOperation_DwInSyncGroup - Cannot use datawarehouse edition in data sync.

  • 400 SyncOperation_MasterDbInSyncGroup - Cannot use logical master in data sync.

  • 400 SyncOperation_InvalidCredential - Credential of database is invalid.

  • 400 InvalidSyncMetadataDatabase - Sync metadata database is invalid.

  • 400 SyncOperation_InvalidSyncInterval - Cannot create or update sync group because the sync interval is invalid.

  • 404 ResourceNotFound - The requested resource was not found.

  • 404 SubscriptionDoesNotHaveServer - The requested server was not found

  • 404 DatabaseDoesNotExist - User has specified a database name that does not exist on this server instance.

  • 404 SyncOperation_HubServerNotFound - Hub logical server does not exist.

  • 404 SyncOperation_InvalidHubDatabase - Hub database is invalid.

  • 404 OperationIdNotFound - The operation with Id does not exist.

  • 409 SyncOperation_DuplicateSyncGroupName - Cannot create sync group because the sync group with the same name already exists.

  • 409 OperationCancelled - The operation has been cancelled by user.

  • 409 OperationInterrupted - The operation on the resource could not be completed because it was interrupted by another operation on the same resource.

  • 429 SubscriptionTooManyCreateUpdateRequests - Requests beyond max requests that can be processed by available resources.

  • 429 SubscriptionTooManyRequests - Requests beyond max requests that can be processed by available resources.

  • 500 OperationTimedOut - The operation timed out and automatically rolled back. Please retry the operation.

  • 503 TooManyRequests - Requests beyond max requests that can be processed by available resources.


Trigger a sync group synchronization.

Sample Request


Sample Response