PersonalizerRankMultiSlotOptions Class


The MultiSlotRankRequest.

public class PersonalizerRankMultiSlotOptions
type PersonalizerRankMultiSlotOptions = class
Public Class PersonalizerRankMultiSlotOptions



Initializes a new instance of the MultiSlotRankRequest class.

PersonalizerRankMultiSlotOptions(IEnumerable<PersonalizerRankableAction>, IEnumerable<PersonalizerSlotOptions>)

Initializes a new instance of PersonalizerRankMultiSlotOptions.

PersonalizerRankMultiSlotOptions(IEnumerable<PersonalizerRankableAction>, IEnumerable<PersonalizerSlotOptions>, IList<Object>, String, Boolean)

Initializes a new instance of MultiSlotRankRequest.



The set of actions the Personalizer service can pick from. The set should not contain more than 50 actions. The order of the actions does not affect the rank result but the order should match the sequence your application would have used to display them. The first item in the array will be used as Baseline item in Offline Evaluations.


Features of the context used for Personalizer as a dictionary of dictionaries. This is determined by your application, and typically includes features about the current user, their device, profile information, aggregated data about time and date, etc. Features should not include personally identifiable information (PII), unique UserIDs, or precise timestamps. Need to be JSON serializable.


Send false if it is certain the rewardActionId in rank results will be shown to the user, therefore Personalizer will expect a Reward call, otherwise it will assign the default Reward to the event. Send true if it is possible the user will not see the action specified in the rank results, (e.g. because the page is rendering later, or the Rank results may be overridden by code further downstream). You must call the Activate Event API if the event output is shown to users, otherwise Rewards will be ignored.


Optionally pass an eventId that uniquely identifies this Rank event. If null, the service generates a unique eventId. The eventId will be used for associating this request with its reward, as well as seeding the pseudo-random generator when making a Personalizer call.


The set of slots the Personalizer service should select actions for. The set should not contain more than 50 slots.

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