In this topic, we outline the eligibility requirements for receiving remote, guided assistance from FastTrack Specialists included in the purchase of Microsoft 365 licenses and details the specific products and capabilities covered.

FastTrack assistance is available for customer tenants with 150 or more licenses from one of the eligible plans from the following Microsoft product families: Microsoft 365, Office 365, Microsoft Viva, Enterprise Mobility & Security, and Windows 10/11. These plans can be for an individual product (like Exchange Online) or a suite of products (Office 365 E3). Because Microsoft provides many purchasing options, the list of eligible plans is extensive and is found in Eligible plans.

Products and capabilities covered

FastTrack Specialists can provide you with remote, guided assistance for the following services that may be included with your purchased plan:

  • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Premium
  • Exchange Online
  • Microsoft 365 Apps


Office 365 ProPlus has been renamed to Microsoft 365 Apps. In some cases, you may find uses of the legacy name. For details of when this change takes effect, please see Name change for Office 365 ProPlus.


Multiple Microsoft Purview branding changes have been made, including:

  • Microsoft Information Governance is now Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management and Records Management.
  • Microsoft Information Protection is now Microsoft Purview Information Protection.
  • Microsoft eDiscovery is now Microsoft Purview eDiscovery.
  • Microsoft Audit is now Microsoft Purview Audit.
  • Microsoft Insider Risk Management is now Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management and Communication Compliance.
    • Microsoft 365 Defender
    • Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
    • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
    • Microsoft Defender for Identity
    • Microsoft Defender for Office 365
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Microsoft Intune
    • Microsoft Purview Audit
    • Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management and Records Management
    • Microsoft Purview eDiscovery
    • Microsoft Purview Information Protection
    • Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management and Communication Compliance
    • Microsoft Surface (devices)
    • Microsoft Teams (including Teams Core enablement, Teams Meetings, Teams Phone, and Teams Rooms)
    • Microsoft Viva (including Viva Connections, Viva Insights, and Viva Topics) through the Employee Experience scenario
    • OneDrive for Business
    • Power BI
    • Project Online
    • SharePoint Online
    • Windows 10/11
    • Yammer Enterprise

    Eligible plans

    You must purchase at least 150 licenses per tenant from one of the plans below to be eligible for FastTrack. The list is grouped by product family to help facilitate you finding the specific plans your company has purchased: Microsoft 365, Office 365, Enterprise Mobility & Security, Microsoft Surface (devices), and Windows 10/11.

    Microsoft 365 plans

    Microsoft 365 Enterprise

    • Microsoft 365 E3*
    • Microsoft 365 E5*
    • Microsoft 365 E5 Security*
    • Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance*
    • Microsoft 365 E5 Purview eDiscovery & Purview Audit*
    • Microsoft 365 E5 Purview Information Protection & Purview Data Lifecycle Management *
    • Microsoft 365 E5 Purview Insider Risk Management*
    • Microsoft 365 F1*
    • Microsoft 365 F3*
    • Microsoft 365 F5 Security*
    • Microsoft 365 F5 Compliance*
    • Microsoft 365 F5 Security & Compliance*
    • Microsoft 365 US Government G3**
    • Microsoft 365 US Government G5**
    • Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise*
    • Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise (device)*

    Microsoft 365 Business

    • Microsoft 365 Business Basic*
    • Microsoft 365 Business Standard*
    • Microsoft 365 Business Premium*
    • Microsoft 365 Apps for Business*

    Microsoft 365 Education

    • Microsoft 365 A3*
    • Microsoft 365 A5*
    • Microsoft 365 A5 Security*
    • Microsoft 365 A5 Compliance*
    • Microsoft 365 A5 Purview eDiscovery & Purview Audit*
    • Microsoft 365 A5 Purview Information Protection & Purview Data Lifecycle Management*
    • Microsoft 365 A5 Purview Insider Risk Management*
    • Microsoft 365 Apps for Education (device)*

    Office 365 plans

    Office 365 Enterprise

    • Office 365 Enterprise E1
    • Office 365 Enterprise E3
    • Office 365 Enterprise E4
    • Office 365 Enterprise E5
    • Office 365 Enterprise F3
    • Office 365 US Government G1**
    • Office 365 US Government G3**
    • Office 365 US Government G4**
    • Office 365 US Government G5**
    • Office 365 US Government F3**

    Office 365 Education**

    • Office 365 A3
    • Office 365 A5

    Exchange Online

    • Exchange Online Plan 1
    • Exchange Online Plan 2
    • Exchange Online Kiosk
    • Exchange Online Protection
    • Microsoft Defender for Office 365

    Microsoft Teams

    • Teams Phone
    • Calling Plan
    • Audio Conferencing
    • Teams Rooms*****

    Microsoft Viva

    • Viva Insights Plan 1*** 
    • Viva Insights Plan 2*** 
    • Viva Learning
    • Viva Topics

    OneDrive for Business

    • OneDrive for Business with Office
    • OneDrive for Business Plan 1
    • OneDrive for Business Plan 2

    Project Online

    • Project Online Essentials
    • Project Online Professional
    • Project Online Premium

    SharePoint Online

    • SharePoint Online Plan 1
    • SharePoint Online Plan 2


    • Yammer Enterprise

    *Available only for FastTrack-eligible cloud services and features described in this benefit description.

    **For more information on the FastTrack Benefit for the US Government, please see Office 365 US Government.

    *** Includes Workplace Analytics.

    ***** Minimum license requirement for Teams Rooms assistance is 150 Microsoft Teams licenses. There are no minimum required Teams Rooms licenses.

    Enterprise Mobility + Security plans

    Enterprise Mobility + Security

    • Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) E3****
    • Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) E5****

    Azure Active Directory Premium

    • Azure Active Directory Premium Plan 1
    • Azure Active Directory Premium Plan 2

    Microsoft Purview Information Protection

    • Microsoft Purview Information Protection

    Microsoft Intune

    • Microsoft Intune

    Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager

    • Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager

    Microsoft Intune for Education

    • Microsoft Intune for Education

    ****Available for cloud services that are eligible for FastTrack benefits. Otherwise this is routed to a FastTrack Specialist or for partner referral.

    Microsoft Surface (devices)

    In addition to 150 eligible paid licenses listed previously, it's required to purchase at least one of the following Surface hardware devices to qualify for FastTrack assistance for Surface deployments:

    • Surface Hub 2S
    • Surface Pro
    • Surface Laptop
    • Surface Book
    • Surface Laptop Go
    • Surface Go
    • Surface Laptop Studio

    Devices must be supported as documented in Surface driver and firmware lifecycle for Windows-bases devices.

    Windows 10/11 plans

    Windows Enterprise

    • Windows 10/11 E3
    • Windows 10/11 E5
    • Windows 10 Enterprise with Software Assurance

    Windows Education

    • Windows 10/11 A3
    • Windows 10/11 A5


    There's no minimum licensing requirement for commercial independent software vendors (ISVs) building Windows 10/11 apps. All app requests must be targeting a Windows 10/11 or Microsoft 365 Apps version that is currently within the mainstream servicing window.

    Ineligible plans

    Plans not eligible for FastTrack services include (but are not limited to):

    Plan Details
    Exchange Online Archiving FastTrack guidance for this plan is available when obtained through an eligible plan, like Enterprise E3 and E5.
    Office 365 operated by 21Vianet For more information on the FastTrack Benefit for Office 365 operated by 21Vianet, contact 21Vianet support.
    Microsoft Office 365 Dedicated and ITAR/Federal Plans
    No-cost plans (like Office 365 A1 or the student use benefit plan)