UI flow inputs not working

This article provides steps to solve the UI flow inputs not working issue.

Applies to:   Power Automate
Original KB number:   4555723


Input not getting inserted into the field that was selected.

Verifying issue

Check Known issues and solutions.

Solving steps

Make sure that the input field

  • Is not a read-only field(verified by checking if you can type in it normally).
  • There wasn't an extra click between selecting the field and the recorder.
  • The input field can be used normally by you while not recording & there are no input restrictions imposed by the application on it.

Best practices

  • Set focus to the input field by selecting it before selecting the Use Input option.

  • Clear the field in the recording before selecting the Use Input option. One way to clear an input field during recording is to:

    1. Select the input field.
    2. Press Ctrl+A key combination to select the text in the input field.
    3. Press the Backspace key to clear the input field.
  • Make sure a blue highlight appears around the textbox when selecting it.

  • Getting started: Use inputs and outputs in Windows recorder (V1) flows.