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DSS Manifest Editor Introduction

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DSS Manifest Editor Introduction

Decentralized Software Services (DSS)  Manifest Editor (DSSME), is designed to enable the programmer to create and edit DSS service manifests. Service manifests are XML files that contain a list of services and their configuration. The programmer uses these to start services using the DSS runtime, Manifest Loader Service.

The DSSME window includes menus for creating, loading, and saving manifests as well as editing the entries you put into the manifest. Overall the editor creates a project which consists of a manifest file as well as any associated configuration files the programmer uses. It also includes a tool bar for quick access to common commands, and three toolbox windows. The three windows are the Services Toolbox window, which displays the services available to include in a manifest; the Project Toolbox window which displays the manifest file and any associated configuration files; the Properties Toolbox window which displays the configuration parameters for selected services.





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