Pull Request Statuses

Pull request statuses provide extensibility to the pull request experience. Third party services or users with read permission to the repository can create and get statuses associated with a pull request or an iteration via this REST API. An example of pull request status can be "CI Build Passed", "Integration tests pending", "Linting check succeeded". In order to update a status create a new status with the same genre and name values.



Create a pull request status.

The only required field for the status is Context.Name that uniquely identifies the status. Note that you can specify iterationId in...


Delete pull request status.

You can remove multiple statuses in one call by using Update operation.


Get the specific pull request status by ID. The status ID is unique within the pull request across all iterations.


Get all the statuses associated with a pull request.


Update pull request statuses collection. The only supported operation type is remove.

This operation allows to delete multiple statuses in one call. The path of t...